Char2Cool – Winner of the IONOS Sustainability Impact Award 2022

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JeySign Studio set up a homepage for the Char2Cool e.V. project. , a new type of CO2 compensation.

Water hyacinths are fished out of bodies of water around the equator and then introduced into depleted soils as biochar. This type of CO2 compensation is 90 times better than conventional methods.

About the IONOS Sustainability Impact Award:

We are totally happy that Jakob (JeySign Studio), who runs the Char2Cool website, has won the Sustainability Impact Award from IONOS (1&1) with Char2Cool! And we can join in the celebrations!

The European cloud and host provider IONOS (1&1) has honored its most successful agency and channel partners as well as the best projects of 2022.

For the first time this year, IONOS presented the “Sustainability Impact Award”.

“The jury found it important to recognise projects that seek to change the world, for example by combating climate change, improving biodiversity and developing a positive social impact. Many great projects were submitted by our agency and cloud partners for the IONOS Sustainability Impact Award. However, one project in particular stood out that combines all aspects.

In this project, an environmental problem became an environmental solution. The problem is water hyacinths. Water hyacinths are an invasive species in many regions of Africa. They damage plant biodiversity, kill fish, damage boats and harm the climate.

The project informs and finances people to convert water hyacinths into a product: biochar, which can be used as a soil conditioner. In this way, at the same time, a project with a very positive impact on the environment will be created, which will also create jobs.”

Congratulations and a huge THANK YOU to Jakob Ruschkowski – JeySign Studio on behalf of Char2Cool.

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