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We are Char2Cool, a registered non-profit association that compensates for CO2 by fishing water hyacinths from waters around the equator and then introducing them into depleted soils as biochar. In this way, we prevent the emission of toxic methane and bind CO2 stably in the soil for over a thousand years. In this way, we make a considerable contribution to climate protection and create jobs and food security in poor regions.

Meaningful. Long-term. Sustainable.

CO2 compensation with water hyacinths

almost 90 times more efficient*.

The option around the climate
to cool immediately.


Our climate must now be cooled quickly. Other CO2 projects bind CO2 by reforesting forests or planting mangroves, they are important and meaningful projects in the fight against climate change. Unfortunately, they are limited in their CO2 sequestration potential because they need land that is only available in limited quantities.

Water hyacinths are a plague of gigantic proportions, they overgrow thousands of bodies of water and thus provide a basis for cooling the climate, indefinitely and to a considerable extent.

By using the water hyacinths of only one body of water, Lake Tana in Ethiopia, we can compensate for the annual CO2 emissions of 40 million Germans, i.e. about half of the population.

You can find all the details on the calculation here

Originally native to South America, the water hyacinth has spread all over the world. There, its natural predators are missing, so that the aquatic plant spreads explosively.

As the fastest-growing plant in the world, the water hyacinth grows back again and again, even after being fished off. Her Seeds survive for up to 20 years in the mud of the lake bed. Under optimal conditions, a water hyacinth population doubles every 2 weeks, which corresponds to an increase of up to 17.5 tons per hectare of water hyacinth per day.

The destructive aquatic plants will therefore continue to proliferate and thus provide a basis for harvesting and thus climate protection every year.


Non-profit climate protection or why we
not let ourselves be bought by 'the big ones'.

Actually, we are biogas plant builders from Reisbach in Lower Bavaria. We are not a large company and do not have a gold standard certification*. We are individuals who want to act reliably now. We ensure the climate impact of Char2Cool and the success of the project and also provide evidence of this. We personally make a promise to the people who offset their CO2 footprint with us, and we keep it.

Of course, we could also be bought by the “big ones”. However, we have already experienced a lot in the area of environmental protection and development aid and know that we do not want that. We remain free and independent in order to be able to continue to act 100% in the interests of climate protection and the local people.

That must also be possible with the power of the many! Are you in?

*We are not really convinced of the usefulness of certification. There are many reasons for this, one of them: As is so often the case, these standards only benefit large-scale projects, because consulting firms collect up to €150,000 to evaluate a project. For us, too much money is being earned in the wrong place. We don’t have this money and even if we did, we would prefer to put it directly into climate protection.


“Old African proverb”

Walter Danner erntet Wasserhyazinthen in Afrika.

Still unsure?

This project is close to our hearts and we critically question ourselves and our actions and you can do that at any time. In our Reisbach office, or wherever we are at the moment, we are available and ready for dialogue, because our joint action should not fail because of open questions in your head.

Feel free to contact Walter directly at wd@char2cool.de. Otherwise, we have already answered one or the other question in our FAQ’s.

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Char2Cool – Winner of the IONOS Sustainability Impact Award 2022

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Successes and progress of C2C

We were awarded the Bavarian Climate Protection Award in October.