How high is actually
your contribution to the climate crisis?

Your CO2 footprint:
11 tons per year!

No matter how environmentally conscious you are, as part of our Western society, a life without your own CO2 emissions is unfortunately not possible.

According to the Federal Environment Agency, every German produces an average of 11 tons of CO2 per year and thus contributes to global warming.

That’s too general for you? Then calculate your personal CO2 footprint with the CO2 calculator of the Federal Environment Agency.

Your climate costs:
2,211 euros per year!

For 2021, the Federal Environment Agency has put the climate costs per ton of carbon dioxide at 201 euros. With an average CO2 footprint of 11 tons per year, this corresponds to 2,211 euros that are generated every year by your CO2 emissions.

The Federal Environment Agency calculates the social costs of environmental pollution using scientifically recognised assessment procedures. In doing so, the office has set itself the goal of internalising environmental costs, i.e. allocating them to the polluters, in order to provide an economic incentive for reducing environmental pollution.

Here you can read the complete publication on the topic of climate costs…

CO2 reduction or CO2 compensation?

How about "AND" instead of "OR".

Sustainability is your motto? Ours too, and we are not here to soothe the guilty conscience of citizens living in luxury. For years, we have been put off with hypocritical climate policy, so that it is now too late to achieve a quick turnaround with CO2 reduction alone. For us, CO2 compensation is not an alternative to reduction, it is an additional option for quick action, an option that our climate urgently needs.

Become climate neutral now
with a certificate from Char2Cool.

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Why you should offset with Char2Cool.

The unique thing about our certificate.

Almost 90 times more efficient

Almost 90 times more efficient than other CO2 projects due to a unique double effect of CO2 sequestration and methane avoidance.

Non-profit climate protection




Creates wealth

A self-sustaining system that creates jobs and food security in poor regions!

Tax deductible

You will receive a donation receipt and can thus deduct your contribution to climate protection from your taxes.

What you can do with your annual compensation

0 t


50 tons of water hyacinths are harvested at Lake Tana and converted into 1 ton of water hyacinth biochar .

0 t

CO2 equivalents

This will help you
11 tons of CO2 equivalents
by sequestering CO2 and preventing methane.


Job for
1/2 year

You finance
1 workstation
for 1/2 year
in particularly poor regions.

How Char2Cool invests your money in detail?

Stabilizing demand

Creating demand for water hyacinth biochar

In order to ensure continuous production and thus a long-term effect, there must be a stable demand for water hyacinth biochar. We give entrepreneurs a jump-start by:

1. Build demand. In rural regions, visible results count, more than a thousand numbers. For this reason, we invest in the construction of allotments and demo gardens, which we use to show how high harvest yields can be achieved cheaply and easily with the help of water hyacinth biochar.

2. Stabilize demand.  We buy the biochar from the entrepreneurs until demand in the region has built up and the project can finance itself in the long term

Investment in new locations

Start-up funding for new projects

Our greatest lever for climate protection is the multiplication of projects.

We are actively investing in new locations and entrepreneurs to bring the potential of water hyacinth use to as many places as possible with the Char2Cool concept. We are currently preparing the following locations and can finally get started with your help:

Vision Water Hyacinth Briquettes

Realizing vision: Water hyacinth briquettes as a substitute for charcoal and firewood

With your help, we can continue to work on a vision: the production of water hyacinth briquettes. So far, briquettes have not burned well enough because they absorb so many nutrients in the water. In this way, we are creating another sales market for harvested water hyacinths and bringing the local people one step closer to financial independence.

Still unsure?

This project is close to our hearts and we critically question ourselves and our actions and you can do that at any time. In our Reisbach office, or wherever we are right now, we are available and ready for dialogue, because our joint action should not fail because of open questions in your head…

Feel free to contact Walter directly at Otherwise, we have already answered one or the other question in our FAQ’s.

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